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To All Message Board Readers:
As of today we will no longer accept any posts regarding the Lake County Sheriff Department. As we have stated before, typically posts of a political nature tend to invoke strong feelings and should be handled with care and tact. There is ongoing debate as to whether the intent of the Sheriff Department posts are meant to sway public opinion of various candidates for the upcoming Sheriff election. After much discussion, the Moderators have decided to consider posts about the Sheriff of Lake County and his department to be politically charged and detrimental to the intent of our Message Board service.  We provide this Message Board as an opportunity for community members to post messages, announcements and respectful commentary. We feel that recent posting activity has exceeded our expectations for the Message Board. Please respect our wishes as we try to provide a family friendly announcement website to the members of Lake County.

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So that door goes both ways right? There will be no more campaigning for any candidates at all on this board be it for sheriff or school board? Though I don't agree, I can respect that as long as the moderator upholds those standards to all posts which can sway opinions no just those that deal with the LCSD. -tZb

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I need help locating someone  who two years in a row anwered my request for help doing yard work  this young man left a message on my phone but the message got erased  I would  like to get in touch with him  I you read this message   please call  me again  Al Skogen  676 4499   


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I am looking for people who support the Boys and Girls Club who would have items to donate for our Mardi Gras Live and Silent Auction coming up in February.  Do you have a talent and would you be willing to make something for the auctions?  Call Janette, 676-3443 at Windermere REal Estate.  Thank you. 

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Found on Sunday at Rodeo Grounds. Blue Kodak Camera. Please call to identify.. 406-270-4986
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